Erectile Dysfunction Disorder Doesn’t Have to be The End

Decades ago, when erectile dysfunction was first being seen as an actual condition and not just a man’s lack of libido, it was treated largely as more of a mental disorder than anything. This lead to a lot of stigma and negative connotations with the condition and any diagnosis of ED. However, medical professionals today have changed their stance as evidence has come to light that the symptoms of ED are actually caused by nerve damage, blood flow and blood pressure issues, hormone imbalances, or come as a side effect of injury to the penile area. Other issues which can make the symptoms even worse include medications, weight issues, unhealthy eating, excessive tobacco use or alcohol consumption, and scar tissue from surgery in the penile area.

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Erectile dysfunction disorder can be an embarrassing and stressful condition to deal with but there are many new stem care treatments for ED that are proving to be successful. Here at NSI we have helped many of our patients overcome their ED symptoms naturally without risky medications or procedures.

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Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

The biggest issue with ED treatments that focus on solely medications for treatment is that so many things can make the symptoms worse; it can be hard to know what to try and how to gauge what is making the symptoms worse and what is working. It can be a frustrating process and it usually doesn’t yield satisfying or long-lasting results. What works for one patient may not be as good for another and may be completely ineffective for another. Some people get benefits from diet changes, some need weight loss or therapy to deal with stress and depression, others may have tissue damage that is making an erection hard to achieve or maintain. This is why an ideal therapy for ED needs to be one that focuses on individual treatments and symptoms, not forcing people into a cookie cutter treatment plans that will not work. Stem cell treatments for ED can offer options that are tailored to each individual case and can help you see the results you want to see not what someone else thinks you need to see or feel.

Stem Cell Types That Are Used Today

In the area of erectile dysfunction research, the main stem cell types that are most commonly used are adipose tissue-derived stem cells, bone marrow-derived stem cells, and muscle-derived stem cells. All three type yield basically the same quality of stem cells and all share the ability to differentiate into various cell types including muscle, nerve, skin, blood, fat, cartilage, and bone among many others.  Fatty tissue (adipose) is the preferred site for stem cell harvesting because most fatty tissue holds approximately 50 times more stem cells than other harvest sites. It is also the easiest to harvest and it requires a minimally invasive procedure that is quick and easy and relatively painless.  It also makes for faster treatment time as there is minimal preparation work that needs to be done after harvesting the cells. They are harvested, mixed into a concentrated slurry, and then reintroduced into the area needing treatment.

For treating ED, this usually means injecting the stem cell slurry into the penile area to help heal damaged tissues, improve nerve endings, increase blood flow and increase penis stamina.  If other conditions are contributing to the ED symptoms, such as blood pressure problems or hormonal imbalances, these can also be treated with stem cell applications in the right place which will correct those issues and reduce the symptoms of ED. In addition to the healing powers that these stem cells provide, there are many studies and research groups that are looking into the possibility that fatty tissue stem cells are the fastest generating and offer the fastest healing time.

Here at NSI Stem Cell, we use adipose-derived stem cells for all of our treatments. We understand the pain embarrassment, and shame that erectile dysfunction disorder can bring but we are here to help you find the answer you have been looking for with our stem care treatments for ED. We have had great success and have helped many patients with our treatments and we can do the same for you!

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Get Help For Your Erectile Dysfunction Disorder

The studies on the use of stem cells for erectile dysfunction provide great hope in the race for a cure for men with erectile dysfunction. We have helped many men regain their confidence, boost their self-esteem, and enjoy foreplay and sexual interactions with their partners again thanks to our advances in stem cell research. We here at NSI Stem Cell are committed to helping everyone who comes to us looking for stem care treatments for ED.  Our patient’s health, safety, comfort, and satisfaction are first and foremost and we will do everything in our power to help you find the treatment for your erectile dysfunction disorder that works for you.

If you were thinking of flying somewhere for stem cell therapy there’s no need to leave the country! We have a number of state of the art clinics ready to serve you. Florida is the Sunshine State, and it is the perfect place for a medical vacation that can change your life. You do not have to suffer with erectile dysfunction disorder in silence any longer, we are here to help! If you want to learn more about NSI Stem Cell Clinics and see for yourself why people travel from all of the globe for treatment you can setup a complimentary consultation today to see if you are a candidate for their world renown stem cell therapy. You can contact the National Stem Cell Institute at (877) 278-3623.