Stem Cell Treatments for Hair Loss- Regrow Hair Easily

Hair loss affects countless numbers of people, male and female, across the country every year. With cases ranging from minor thinning to major sudden loss of hair, this is an issue that can drastically affect a person’s feeling of self-esteem. Millions of dollars are spent annually on surgeries, creams, and medications that offer the possibility of regrooving hair. Many of these, unfortunately, have negative side effects and can even cause pain and further injury, all without yielding the results that are desired. But there is hope thanks to new advances in stem cell treatments and therapies targeted at re-growing lost hair.

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NSI Stem Cell is a state of the art facility that offers a variety of hair loss treatments for hair loss in men and women. Hair regeneration with stem cells is one of the most popular treatments we provide to our patients and they have had amazing results- all without painful surgery, dangerous chemical applications, or risky medical treatments. We have specialized in stem cell treatment options for years and have helped patients with a wide range of issues thanks to our advances in stem cell therapy and treatments and we are excited to share new stem cell therapy advances for hair loss with you as well! It is possible to regrow hair easily and our stem cell treatments for hair loss is the key.

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Hair Regeneration Made Easy With Stem Cells

Our state of the art stem cell therapies work by stimulating the naturally occurring hair follicles in the scalp to grow and produce stronger and thicker hair. These cells help combat hair loss by regenerating weak or dead hair cells and stimulating the development of more hair follicles. When you have thicker hair, you have more active cells growing new hair al the time. Stem cell treatments help keep this growth going strong and helps combat the natural effects of aging and natural balding. Even if the cause of the hair loss is not natural but rather caused by an illness or a side effect to medical treatments, stem cell therapy has proven to be effective!

We have already seen success stories from our patients who have had varying degrees of treatments done. Men and women who have hair loss due to chemotherapy and cancer treatments or as the result of other illnesses or diseases have seen an improvement in the amount of hair they have and the health of their hair after just a few stem cell treatments!  Many of our patients come to us with a lot of questions about the options that are available when it comes to stem cell treatments for hair loss and many are surprised to learn that they really can regrow hair easily using cells from their own bodies!  That is the true wonder of stem cell treatments and therapies.

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The Stem Cell Difference

What sets stem cell treatments in general apart from all other medical options today is that there is no need for harsh chemicals or painful procedures. We can take stem cells from your own body and reintroduce them to the areas where they are needed. With their natural regenerative properties, stem cells help heal the body and encourage new cellular growth. For hair loss treatments, they work by stimulating new cells to grow and fuller thicker hair to grow where there used to be none! And best of all, there is little to no risk for side effects because there is no foreign material being introduced into the body. It is safe and effective and the results speak for themselves!

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